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Trademark Registration


Registering a domain name confers a simple right of use over the respective name, and not a right of property or an exclusive legal right similar to the intellectual property rights. The right of use is usually exercised through the creation of a website associated to the name of the respective domain.

Through the trademark registration at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks - SOIT, the title character of the trademark receives a right of property over this, being the only one entitled to use the trademark.

There are instances when another person besides the titular character of the trademark can register that specific logo at the Romanian Domain Register, as a domain name.

Prior to registration, the Romanian Domain Register cannot conduct any verification of the domain name from the point of view of intellectual property rights.

Currently, the litigations concerning the use of the domain name are resolved, preferably, through conciliation, mediation, arbitration, and then through legal means, including through a lawsuit in a court of law.

If your company finds itself in this situation, do not hesitate to contact us.