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Trademark Registration


In order to obtain/change the tourism license, the economic operator submits the following documents:

  • The issuing request for tourism patent;
  • The certificate of good standing issued by the Trade Register Office according to Law no. 26/1990 concerning the trade register, republished and with the ulterior modifications and additions, which would present the activities that are authorized to be performed at the lucrative facility and the adequate NACE code(s), for the tourism agency under discussion, according to art. 15 from Law no. 359/2004 concerning the simplification of the registration procedure at the Trade Office for natural persons, family associations, and legal persons, their fiscal registration, as well as the functionality authorization for legal persons, with the ulterior modifications and additions;
  • A copy of at least one of the documents belonging to the individual who is in charge of the operations management for the tourism agency: certificate of having graduated a managerial course (organized by an authorized professional competence supplier), Bachelor of Science/ Masters of Science/ Doctorate of Science in Tourism (university or post-university courses), tourism patent according to the position;
  • Copy of the individual work contract for the person in charge of the operation management of the tourism agency registered according to law;
  • Copy of the insurance policy concerning protecting the tourists in case the tourism agency goes bankrupt;
  • Memorandum slip of presenting the tourism agency
  • Copy of the registration certificate at the Trade Register Office;
  • Copy of the court decision for starting the company;
  • Copy of the articles of association;
  • Copy of the document which gives right of use over the space where the tourism agency is located (title deed or lease contract);
  • Evidence of having paid the equivalent value of the services provided for the issuing of the license.

The term for the issuing of the tourism license is of 30 days starting from the registration date of the complete documentation.