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Trademark Registration


The national trademark can sometimes become the object of litigations.

For the litigations which lie within the competence of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (SOIT), we offer consultancy in developing arguments for:


Oppositions can be developed by any person within 2 months after the publication of the registration request in the 'Industrial Property' Official Gazette.

Legal disputes

Legal disputes can be developed in 30 days since the decision regarding the trademark request has been issued.

Our team of specialized lawyers offers legal assistance for:

  • Litigations for annulling or terminating the rights conferred by the trademark;
  • Counterfeiting litigations;
  • Breaches of the contractual terms;
  • Presidential ordinance.
  • Punitive litigations or other types of litigations:
    • Unfolded before the organs of penal pursuit (penal complaints);
    • Unfolded upon the goods verification at the customs (confiscating counterfeiting goods, forbidding the entering of counterfeiting goods, etc.).

Choosing our services brings you the certainty that the name of the company, the goods and the services are protected and that any potential counterfeiting litigations are efficiently and promptly removed.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.