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Trademark Registration

LEGAL CONSULTANCY offers legal consultancy services and representation for the purpose of obtaining and protecting the trademark protection titles:

  • Verifying availability upon registering a name, a symbol, some advertising slogans;
  • Advice concerning the possibility of registering a trademark;
  • Consultancy services and representation for the documentary research conducted for a trademark or a portfolio of trademarks belonging to the titular character;
  • Legal consultancy and assistance in order to obtain the documents which justify the registration priority;
  • Monitoring the 'Industrial Property' Official Gazette for supervising the client's trademarks;
  • Assistance and representation before the Examination Commissions from SOIT;
  • Drawing up and defending the possible rejection notice issued by the SOIT examiner;
  • Drawing up the necessary documentation in order to obtain the approval of the title character of a similar trademark;
  • Drawing up and defending the opposition against the refusal decision made by SOIT;
  • Developing arguments and preparing the documentation needed for defending the admission of a registration request when faced with opposition from a third party;
  • Assistance and representation throughout the renewal procedure of the trademark registration certificate;
  • Preparing and defending the oppositions developed against the registration of similar trademarks which can create confusion or can be associated with those belonging to the clients;